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Dave Fano

Dave Fano is the founder and CEO of Teal. Dave is an architect by training and a serial entrepreneur by compulsion. He founded the successful building information and technology consultancy Case. He then sold Case to WeWork and took on the role of chief growth officer there, where he was a key driver of their meteoric growth. I met Dave when he started his latest venture, Teal. I remember when Dave was first talking about his career experiences and how he wanted to make things better for the people who actually build companies, the employees, he told me that it struck him that the way people think about their careers and their jobs was broken, and he felt that the need to create a company to fix that. That compulsion led Dave to create Teal, an incredible group of people dedicated to providing the education, community and tools to help professionals build successful and fulfilling careers. I'm especially grateful to be talking to Dave today because Teal is one of Talentisms, first IP partners, and is using our big four framework and methodology to help people create their own unique path of professional excellence. I encourage you to learn more about this amazing company at Tealhq.com.

Renee DeAngelis

In today's episode, we speak with Renee DeAngelis about the responsibilities facing a coach, fear of the unknown, and sitting with discomfort.

Eric Kinariwala

In this episode, we'll talk to Eric Kinariwala about talent, being a craftsman, helping others to do the same, contextualizing intuition, and much, much more.

George Arison

Today, we're talking to George Arison about his experience growing up in the former USSR, how he stays humble in the face of his success, and how he's learned from his many mistakes.

Jess Hunt

Today, I’m speaking with Jess Hunt. Jess is an experienced entrepreneurial executive who builds and runs high growth businesses. She has held executive positions at Axiom Law and Gerson Lehman Group, and currently is president and COO of Andela. We’ll talk about the emotional tolls of seeking self-awareness, remaining goal-oriented as a guide for seeking that awareness, and finding the difference between incorrect expectations and poorly defined ones.

Jim Wagner

In this episode, we talk about learning to learn, making the process the goal instead of the outcome, and understanding someone's perspective by way of learning their story and truly hearing them.

Kerry Van Voris

We’ll talk about inspiring individuals and finding their loyalty to the purpose of an organization, using that inspiration as a common thread for different styles of coaching, and the ways that focusing on blind spots can be the best approach to increasing effectiveness.

Neil Parikh

Today we’re talking with Neil Parikh, the Co-Founder and CSO of Casper, one of the most popular mattress manufacturers. Casper has been an amazing story of growth and success, but it’s also had its struggles along the way. Neil has been there leading since day one, he and I met about 3 and a half years ago, and it has been a true honor to watch him, his co-founders, and the team at Casper take the dream of a better-rested world and made it a reality. Through our time together Neil has consistently demonstrated a huge vision, and a desire to make a big impact on the world. We’re going to talk about accepting shortcomings and leaning into strengths, catching frustrations at the root of the logical fallacy, the way safety plays into acceptance, and discovering capabilities that the perfectionist in us wants to hide.

Chloe Drew

We spoke with Chloe Drew about her experiences with coaching early on in life, the value of empathy in the workplace, and using self-skepticism to catch personal blind spots in a leadership role.

Christina Sass

We talk with Christina Sass about experiences with coaching on both sides of the equation, seeking out inherent blind spots in the corporate world, and relating lessons she's taken from her personal experiences as a founder and activist to the ways we can invest in people and handle growth, both personally and as a nation.

Jameel Spencer

Fashion and brand innovator Jameel Spencer calls for change, addresses systemic racial injustice, takes us inside the world of working with icons, and shares how coaching unleashes potential.

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